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AppGuard Will Protect You…
even if new undetectable malware
gets past your antivirus and into your PC.

AppGuard works alongside any AV product. We recommend Windows Defender.

PCSafePlace is powered by AppGuard.
Here is how it works:

Everyone has an antivirus product on their PC.
Unfortunately antivirus alone can no longer protect you from newly released malware.
To have the highest level of protection you now need an antivirus and AppGuard working together.
AppGuard “DISABLES” viruses and malware from launching and more importantly
It blocks any malicious code on your PC that your antivirus cannot detect!

Fixing The Problem

Restore your confidence in using your PC safely.

Download PCSafePlace powered by AppGuard. No PC with AppGuard has ever reported being breached in over 15 years. AppGuard was invented for our U.S. intelligence agencies and was top secret until 2015. AppGuard can work along side of your built-in Windows Defender Antivirus to give you the best protection you can get. It can also work along side and complement any other antivirus in the market if you prefer not to use Windows Defender.

Using AppGuard along with Windows Defender, which is free, is the most economical way to have best level of protection for your PC.

Why PC Users Are Nervous and Apprehensive?

Even with antivirus protection someone is getting hacked every 39 seconds, so your concerns are justified.

Having antivirus on your PC is a good thing, but today, it is simply not good enough. Why? Antivirus can only stop what it is programmed to detect.  With 300,000 new viruses being created every day, your antivirus provider simply can’t keep up with  keeping you totally safe.

This May Be Unsettling to You.

See What AppGuard Stopped In Just 5 Days On A PC Just Like Yours.

One of the great features of AppGuard Solo is the ACTIVITY REPORT you can pull up at any time on your PC.

As AppGuard is designed to work in the background and protect you without your knowing or interrupting you, everyone is shocked by what is really going on inside their PC during normal use and online.

This is why subscribing to PCSafePlace powered by AppGuard is critical to protecting you and your family and your financial resources.

How Adding AppGuard Benefits Your Home Computer

Stops Without Detecting

AppGuard works behind the scene and disables malware and viruses from launching within your PC.

Install and Forget

AppGuard seldom needs adjusting because of malware or PC changes (patches and updates).

Containment and Isolation

AppGuard operates on a basis of containment and isolation allowing uninterrupted use of the PC.

AppGuard is Lite Weight

AppGuard only uses less than 5mb on your PC and does not slow it down as scanning is unnecessary.

Protection Even After a Mistake

AppGuard will protect your PC even if by mistake a virus finds its way in. AppGuard has your back.

Immediate Status Reports

Simply click on the AppGuard icon to see your PC activity report on what AppGuard has stopped.

AppGuard Solo is
“THE” Essential Layer
In Your PC Cyber-Defense

You will most likely get hacked from an email you opened, website you visited, or an app you downloaded. If this occurs, AppGuard will stop the malware from running on your PC in the background without interruption.
You can buy this state of the art software at $89.95.

Finally, TRUE Cyber Safety
for You and Your Family

What Is a Zero-Day Malware Attack?

A Zero-Day Exploit is a computer security vulnerability
that has not been publicly disclosed
These vulnerabilities are typically exploited by hackers
before Microsoft has issued a patch to fix them.

AppGuard Stops The Malware That Anti-Viruses Could Miss

AppGuard Stops The Zero-Day-Malware
by not allowing what malware needs to do
instead of having to recognize the malware itself.
You can buy this state of the art software at $89.95.

Zero Day Attacks Protection

Prevents malware from attacking even when it’s undetected

No More PC Anti-Virus Scans

No CPU draining scans or update downloads to slow your system

Zero Day Malware Blocking

Two to Three times more effective than traditional antivirus


AppGuard is a State of the Art Cybersecurity Technology. Originally developed to protect US Gov Agencies.
Currently protecting tens of thousands of organizations and millions of endpoints.

AppGuard should be on every Windows system in the world.”

Bob Bigman, Former Chief Information Security Officer, CIA

AppGuard should be your first and main line of defense in an increasingly dangerous cyber-threat environment”

Mark Kelton , Former CIA Counterintelligence Deputy Director

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