About PCSafePlace

PcSafePlace™ for Windows based Computers is brought to you by is owned and operated by Diversified New Products inc.(“DNPI”) All purchases and credit card transactions are processed by FastSpring, a leading full service financial platform.  DNPI is a global distributor of Appguard® cybersecurity solutions for consumers, business and government, in cooperation with, and the support of AppGuard Inc, a  leading cybersecurity software company worldwide. Our products are  designed to allow more people to protect their digital lives without having to have any technical skills.  The biggest threat today is cyber crime and very few people have protection on their mobile device and most still have vulnerabilities on their computers. Someone is getting hacked somewhere every 39 seconds. DNPI is making the world’s best performing cybersecurity products available through group and member sponsorships with special benefits.


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